viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Ps3 SRD clan looking for new member

you're a good Black Ops player, but you don't have a good clan? Then join the [SRD] clan for Cod: Black Ops on PS3. Leader of the PS3 clan is SkylineGTRFreak (PSN ID: Skyline_R034). The clan will most likely be carried over to MW3 and BF3.

no camping
no noobtubing
dont combine these 2 or you will be killed xD
dont be a lil kid screaming all the time in it's headset
you shouldnt be a complete noob in the game (your KD MUST be over 1 (in atleast 7 of 10 games)
you should have fun while playing and not take it too serious
rank and prestige doesnt matter, you can be Prestige 15 rank 50 or prestige 0 rank 34, doesnt matter as long as youre good

if you want to join, send an invite to Skyline_R034, but write in there, that you want to be in SRD, otherwise i wont know who the fuck you are xD


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  1. I have MW3 on PS3 ^^
    Skyline, mind adding me? xRx4Life