viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Ps3 SRD clan looking for new member

you're a good Black Ops player, but you don't have a good clan? Then join the [SRD] clan for Cod: Black Ops on PS3. Leader of the PS3 clan is SkylineGTRFreak (PSN ID: Skyline_R034). The clan will most likely be carried over to MW3 and BF3.

no camping
no noobtubing
dont combine these 2 or you will be killed xD
dont be a lil kid screaming all the time in it's headset
you shouldnt be a complete noob in the game (your KD MUST be over 1 (in atleast 7 of 10 games)
you should have fun while playing and not take it too serious
rank and prestige doesnt matter, you can be Prestige 15 rank 50 or prestige 0 rank 34, doesnt matter as long as youre good

if you want to join, send an invite to Skyline_R034, but write in there, that you want to be in SRD, otherwise i wont know who the fuck you are xD


viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Rules of the SRD

1. Always follow the orders of your superiors( Me "Toast" and Acecombatfreak)
2. Don't ever make team kill, Remember in the group we all are brothers
3. Respect other members
4. Don't use hacks, Hackers WON'T be tolerated, If you hack, you're out without any warnings.
5. Try to complete any objective given without breaking the second or fourth rule.

Well I guess that's all.

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011


We are the Special Reconnaissance Division (S.R.D). The best soldiers on earth, we don't take any orders, we make our way to our objective however we want.